Tracking fitness in virtual reality is a pain. That's why we built YUR: to make creating and managing your fitness metrics across any game or application easy and all in one profile.

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Five Things People Do With YUR

<aside> 📌 When you use "YUR" you can use the games you like. Fun first, fitness second.


  1. Download your favorite game and use it as an avenue to build your fitness. Visit our games section to see ratings on the "fitness" component of each app or title. Alternatively find something particularly difficult and push yourself further.
  2. Shoot for a month of consistency by closing rings. See how far you can level before the next month.
  3. Try Audio Trip which has the YUR watch built into it, for a "quick trip" a few times per day to keep blood circulation fresh while working or otherwise going about your day.
  4. Link your profile data to Apple Health.
  5. Participate in challenges with other friends or community members.

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