Tracking fitness in virtual reality is a pain. That's why we built YUR: to make creating and managing your fitness metrics across any game or application easy and all in one profile.

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What Is Leveling?

Leveling is our system to incentivize users to work out and track calories through our YUR Fit fitness apps. XP is calculated and increases an account's level as more heart rate data is recorded. You can compare and show off your level with family and friends and compete to be a higher level each season.

What Is A Season?

Seasons are our way of refreshing the leaderboards. Users have a month (a season) to earn as many levels as they can through exercising and burning calories, earning up to 60 levels. At the end of every season, levels will reset, and a user will earn a badge showing the highest level they earned for the last season.

How Do I Earn Levels?

Levels are earned simply by exercising. XP is needed to earn a level, calculated based on the height and weight metrics a user inputs on their profile (make sure it's accurate!), as well as estimated or given heart rate. To make it fairer across body types, XP gain is based on effort rather than the number of calories. Similar to calories, gain XP faster by keeping your Heart Rate up, but don’t wear yourself out! Keeping a consistent pace rewards more XP than short exhaustive bursts.

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